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Supplements And The Role They Play

Two of the biggest questions regarding supplementation are:

1. Do I really need them?

2. Do they really work?

To make one thing perfectly clear, supplements are needed for convenience only. The protein that is found in food is just as effective as protein powder. Protein is measured using a term called BV or biological value. The egg contains the highest BV known (near 100). As a result, all other proteins are usually compared with the egg.

Which Supplements Are Proven Work?

Since protein is of the utmost importance in regards to our nutritional program, this would be at the top of the list. Nothing beats a good whey protein powder.

Unless it is proven to work, you must be very cautious of all the hype and the latest supplement "fads." For myself (and many others) protein is proven to build muscle and is the essential building block of any weight gain program.

As a strength and energy booster, nothing beats Creatine. Even though this product does work and is top rated worldwide it is still no substitute for correct training, diet and sleep.

Remember, you need proper nutrition and rest to fuel your workouts. Creatine will actually magnify this effect giving you intense amounts of energy and strength increases!

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