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What The "Muscle" Magazines Fail to Tell You

For years I would always look up to the pros thinking I could emulate them. What I didn't know is that most of them are on muscle building drugs (steroids). Not only that, they are also blessed with incredible genetic potential. This serves to boost their muscle gains even further.

In other words, their routines will not work for hard gainers like us. Being on steroids allows them to not only train harder but with a lot more volume.

Addressing my body type finally made me realize that most of their advice will not benefit me. I will only end up over trained and frustrated. I only wished I had figured this out a lot sooner.

If you have a fast metabolism, a small frame and trouble gaining weight of any kind most of their routines will not work for you either.

What works for someone with a different body type and metabolism will NOT work for you.

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