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What You MUST Know to Gain Weight

Do You Have Trouble Gaining Weight? I Did Too...

I could never gain weight no matter what I tried. People can sure be cruel when you are underweight. Trust me, I know.

I was desperate, I wanted to get a body that would turn heads. I tried all of the latest supplements and all of the new routines in the magazines.

Through the process of elimination, and a lot of trial and error I discovered a handful of natural techniques that really work well to help hard gainers pack on muscle mass.

Applying these methods helped me to gain 20 pounds of muscle and drastically cut my body fat down to 7 percent. All in 12 weeks time!

Sick of being small, I craved attention.

Most of my life I had been naturally thin. The fact that my metabolism was high also didn't help. At 125 pounds, I was ignored by girls as well as my high school gym class.

I was called everything from "toothpick" to "unhealthy man." And this was coming from my friends! After awhile, I didn't like what I saw anymore. I needed a change.

After seeing the ad on television I started using the Soloflex Muscle Machine. I also tried every supplement that looked good to me. Products I saw others using or that I studied in the bodybuilding magazines. From weight gain powders to amino acids. I wanted to gain weight so bad I could taste it.

I purchased volumes of "muscle" books and read them all cover to cover. I followed their advice and workout routines religiously, no matter how difficult or strange they seemed.

A year and a half later a friend asked me if I still used my Soloflex... I was devastated. All of this time wasted? Training this hard day after day and hardly no one noticed? Would I ever get the hard, defined body I wanted?

Sickened by my current progress I began looking for answers. A lot of the things I found really surprised me. But they sure worked! These findings were like a breath of fresh air. This would be the start of my incredible transformation.

Obstacles to Weight Gain

We must remember that gaining muscle is an abnormal condition. We must do things to encourage our skeletal muscles not only to grow but to stay that way. This situation is magnified with the hard gainer.

Limiting the amount of calories we burn (even at rest) is the first major step in the right direction. Most hard gainers do not pay attention to this at all. Our metabolism is fast enough as it is, do NOT do things to speed it up further!

Do not be overly active when you can help it. For example, I see skinny people all the time playing sports, doing cardiovascular exercise and worrying all of the time. These things will only serve to hinder your progress.

For people who can gain weight easier it is much simpler to overlook such 'minor' details. For hard gainers like us, these things are not an option.

In other words, for each point you fail to follow you will only slow down your muscle gains even further. However, for each one that you do follow, your weight gain will be that much quicker and faster!

Your body fat is more than likely low enough for now. It is much better to concentrate on gaining muscle first, then going on a fat loss program later on. For maximum results, it has to be either one or the other!

It is a simple matter of being focussed and getting your priorities straight. This coupled with the proper knowledge will ensure maximum results.

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